Step-by-Step instructions for using the PPLS Ethics Submission Portal

**** REMINDER ****

LEL Honours and MSc students: do not submit an application to the portal yourself. You should do this with your supervisor, and your supervisor must submit the application. Full instructions are here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you want to submit a new application using the PPLS Ethics Submission Portal, here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the PPLS Ethics Submission Portal.
  2. Click on ‘New Application’.
  3. Read the initial instructions, and then click ‘continue’ to enter the main application form:
  4. Depending on your answers, there are several possible next steps.
    • If your project uses existing data which has been determined to be of low ethical sensitivity, your application will be automatically approved.
    • If your project uses existing data which has been determined to require ethics scrutiny, your application will be sent out for review.
    • If you provide evidence that your project has been previously approved by an external ethics body, then your project will be automatically approved.
    • If your project involves collecting human subjects data, and has not been previously approved, you will be directly to the uploads page (see below).
  5. The ‘Uploads’ page:
    • If your application requires documents e.g., consent form(s), information form(s), debriefs, recruitment materials, etc., these will be listed.
    • Please make use of the consent templates available here.
    • Upload the required files.
    • Once you have uploaded all the required files, click ‘uploads complete’.uploadscomplete
    • NB: To get to the uploads page at any time, just click the ‘Uploads’ button:uploads
  6. Important notes about uploaded documents:
    • You cannot delete or change files you previously uploaded, they are permanently maintained in the record of the application.
    • This means you need to take special care that your documents are accurate, complete, and please check your grammar and spelling carefully!
    • If you would like to describe the changes you’ve made to the reviewer, add a document (type ‘Other’) noting the changes.
  7. Before your application is submitted, you will be asked to provide an electronic ‘signature’. All other project team members will then be automatically notified to provide their ‘signature’ as well.
  8. Please note that after all required documents are uploaded, and all required signatures provided, your project should be listed as “submitted”, and you should receive a confirmation email indicating that your application has been submitted. If your project is listed as “saved”, it has NOT been submitted!
  9. Once your application is complete, a reviewer will be automatically informed of your submission.
  10. Note: reviewers are anonymous. The only way to communicate with your reviewer is to upload a document (see above).
  11. Please wait for approval to begin/continue data collection.
  12. Waiting too long? You can contact if your application has been submitted for more than 2 weeks without a response from a reviewer.

How to: Revising an ethics application

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How to: Amending an approved application

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