Adding new research team members

Adding researchers to a project

If additional researchers join a project after it has undergone ethical approval, it is the PI’s responsibility to ensure that such researchers are aware of the ethical implications of the project.

For projects which have been approved by the LEL Ethics Committee:

  •  Before additional researchers have access to participants or data, the PI must add them to the project via the ethics approval website.
  • To do this, you must revise your application to add another project team member.
  • Note: this will trigger re-review. It is recommended that you leave a note for the reviewer indicating what has changed.

For projects which have been approved by another ethics committee (e.g., at your previous home institution):

  • If you are the PI listed on the project, and you have obtained consent to share your collected data with other researchers, then you may be able to add new researchers to your project without amending the protocol.
  • Please email for further guidance.